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Spring time! Time to do the garden?

Spring is here and we’re excited to be outdoors and happy about it again!
Anybody else see the sun and assume it’s hot out there? Mistake! That is, until next week, when we will apparently have warmth again (don’t take my word for it though!).

There is no better time to prepare your garden for all those summer parties, so we’re here to help!

We have amazing water features on low bids throughout April, and loads of garden accessories to get your garden and patios in great *ahem* show-off condition!

Just adding something small will give the place a lift.
For example, how about some fancy wall art? A simple way of adding some style to an otherwise plain backyard.

We also have plant accessories in stock that will help your plants grow and make your gardening easier. Gardman have a great range from obelisks for climbing plants to lined wall baskets for your flowers!

We also love gnomes right now! Deco Pak have some fantastic ones, that are all available in our store! Our favourite is Lay About Larry!

For those of you growing your own plants, Home Living by Juliana have stylish black garden markers that can be found HERE!

We’d love to hear your garden plans for this spring! Think any of these products will help? You can tell us in the comments.

Team at BV!


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