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Make your New Year’s resolutions last!

We know how manic January can be!
You get back to work, there is pressure to get organised and give yourself a better, simpler year. You’ve joined the gym, but can’t find the time to go. You’ve bought loads of salad, but end up grabbing lunch on the go. Going through your accounts and budget after the festive period can be a nightmare.


Don’t worry! Take a moment…we’re here to help! We’ve done the research – read on for tips and tricks to get through the year with ease.

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re looking after yourself. Stress lowers your immune system, and while it’s this cold outside, you should take extra special care.


Sleep really does recharge you and according to a poll, 1 in 6 British people are not getting enough sleep. Do you get your 8 hours?

Whether you find it difficult to sleep once in bed, or you find yourself too busy, some of these tips may help.

Try getting into a routine at nights. It can be difficult when working or with children, or just because the good TV starts late! Even if it is simply having your bedclothes ready and reading a few pages of a book, your body will start to recognise bedtime.

Give yourself a bed time. This will feel like a deadline, and make you want to get everything done before that time. If you haven’t finished everything, will you have time in your schedule tomorrow? For those on shift work, try to establish a sleep time routine as above and work out how you could incorporate a bedtime, depending on each shift. Try to get up at the same time each day, too.

Have you heard of these fantastic alarm clocks?

This is an aXbo Sleep Alarm clock, that analyses your sleep movement via a wristband to calculate your optimal wake up time. Put in your usual alarm time, and depending on your sleep movements, which determines which stage of sleep you are in, it will wake you up at the most suitable time within a period before the time you entered. If you wake up when in a lighter stage of sleep, you will feel much better than being awoken from a deep sleep. So you will still be up on time, but feeling much more rested. 
This one is suitable for couples with different alarm times. 

Don’t drink caffeine late. We all know this rule, but still on a cold night like to enjoy a hot drink. But drinking caffeine in the evenings could be hindering your sleep. Why not try a hot chocolate or a herbal tea instead? Camomile tea is known for it’s calming qualities and is a great way to wind down after a long day.


Plan! How many times have you told yourself you’ll be more organised?

The one main rule, which we all know and hardly do, is plan! Keep a diary, use your calendar. Who is guilty of having a fancy, yet empty calendar? Try to create a schedule for each day, especially working days. Leave a period of free time so that anything you couldn’t manage in the alloted time, you can go back to. If you have children, this is especially useful when they go to afterschool clubs or do sports.

Use your smartphone to it’s full capability. We buy smartphones and think it’s great that it has loads of useful features, but when it comes to actually using them…there are a few apps that are left untouched. Sync your phone’s calendar to your computers. Keep lists on a notebook app if possible, as you will always have your phone on you. As soon as you think of something, write it down. Keep track of fitness. Write down the things you would like to be better with and spend some time searching for the best app for your needs for each item on that list.

Don’t forget traditional note-making. Keeping a pen and paper in your bag  or briefcase can also be used this way – plus with the fancy selection of stationary available, you’ll want to make a point of using it.

Each time you book something, or realise something needs doing by a certain day, jot it down. A quick glance will help you work out how long you have before each task. Make it part of your daily routine.

We have a selection of great notebooks that you will want to show off and use at every opportunity! You can see all of them HERE!

These notebooks by Literary Transport are smart and sophisticated. They also make a great gift if you know somebody’s favourite classic book.

Sort your paperwork. Whether you have paperwork at your job, accounts at home that need working through, or letters that you’ve put to one side, try and spend a small amount of time one day a week to make sure you are up to date. This will make you feel much better about the mounting pile on your desk and it will be much less overwhelming when doing it weekly.


So many people have this expectation when the New Year starts and surveys show that most gym memberships are opened in January, as people get that boost of motivation. However, it can be short lived, and many people go on to pay for months or have signed a contract for a long period, and do not use the gym as frequently as hoped or even at all.

Have a goal. Why do you want to get fitter? What do you want to be the result of your hard work? You need a goal in order to motivate you throughout the process. You can use online sites, such as My Fitness Pal to create a diary of your journey, and check up on your goal and progress.

When to work out. Unfortunately, while there may be tips, there is no shortcut. To get fit, you must set aside the time to do so. Write your schedule, and see when you could best fit in your workouts.

Get a friend involved. It is much easier to motivate yourself when you have a fitness partner. This could be your spouse, a friend, or even someone you have met at the gym. You are more likely to go if you have someone you might let down by not going.

Work out at home. If you really cannot fit gym time in, or you do not like going, there are plenty of online tips and videos to help you work out at home. Use every spare moment to take you towards your goal.


Create a weekly meal plan. This sounds strict, but will be easier than you think. This will prevent you from buying food shopping that you don’t need, and stop you wasting fresh food.
Decide what you need, and how you could use the same items to create different meals on different days.

Make a large amount and freeze. Casserole or stock pots are perfect for this. You could make a soup, curry or casserole and freeze portions in tubs. This way, you will never resort to takeaway or end up not eating at all, as all you need to do is heat up a portion.

£12.50 Branded Value

At Branded Value, we have a large range of kitchenware designed to make life easier. They are of the best quality, and will last with use. There are more casserole dishes HERE, perfect for making large dishes.


Quality, not quantity. We believe in quality, not quantity, which is why we provide only the highest quality goods. The better the item you buy, the less likely you are to need a new one in a few months time. When applying this outlook, you are more likely to be wise about how you spend your money., resulting in future savings.

Bulk buy. You can make great savings by bulk buying things you need every day, such as household goods. Also, if you have a few birthdays or occasions coming up in the next few months, you could save on postage when buying gifts online if you order more than one at a time, or if you buy them alongside your other purchases.

I hope these tips have helped or at least started you on your way to a great 2015!
Don’t forget, at Branded Value, this is what we are all about. We have the products that make your life easier. They look great, are of high quality from well-known and liked brands, and help you keep within your budget! You don’t have to spend more to get more!


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