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Mother’s Day – gift ideas for all Mums!



The day to show your mum just how much you appreciate her!

At Branded Value we appreciate that what might be a great gift for one Mum, could mean little to another. As always, we work to a budget and have gifts to suit all.

Our £5 and under section is a great way for children to find presents. Or check out the Gifts For Her category for gift ideas!
As we only sell top brands, whatever your Mum is into, we will have a high quality selection for that interest, for a very low price (she’ll never know!) so any gift will look great!

We have something suitable for everyone. If you can’t find any help here, just message me or comment below for ideas! Here are just a few:

The Gardening Mum

Fresh herbs on your dinner, lovely flowers in the garden. These mums are active and creative.
You could help her do the garden and get it ready for the summer. How about helping to decorate it with some fancy ornaments?

column light
Cole & Bright Sandstone Solar Powered Light

This solar powered column light by Cole & Bright is a fantastic feature for the sophisticated garden.

Deco-Pak Welcome Gnomes

A cute gnome ornament makes the garden fun and child friendly. Some of the Deco-Pak ones in our shop also have a water feature!

Sunflower lights
Sunflower Spotlight

For the lady that doesn’t need more flowers! Solar powered sunflowers are the next best thing! Brighten up the garden with these cute lights.

wall art
Palm Leaf Wall Art

Some wall art to display is a great idea! Gardman have a great range!

Homemaking Mum

You get home to freshly baked bread and cakes, the house is always sparkling. This lady works hard every day to keep her children/grandchildren/home in tip top condition.

A day off is needed. Or perhaps you could spend some time learning some tricks? Maybe spend some time cooking together? Or pamper her with some new, but useful gifts.

Luxury Sugar Bowl and Creamer

This MIKASA Precious Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set adds a bit of luxury to an afternoon tea.

Springform cake tin
12 Cake Bun Sheet

Why not have a go at baking her a special cake and keep her out of the kitchen for the day?

Glamorous Mum

For those who love to be pampered, a great gift idea would be a spa treatment, but they can be pretty pricey. The next best thing would be to create one at home for her.

You could run her a bath, add some candles to the room, and maybe try out some glam tips from magazines afterwards.

We have bath gift bundles for the ultimate treat.

$_12 (2)
Agatha and Bertie Gift Sets

Agatha & Bertie The Vintage Collection: Vintage feel in design yet contemporary in product combinations and fragrance.

Make up sets make a great gift, as you have everything in place. A variety of kits makes choosing easy:

$_12 (3)$(KGrHqZHJE0FCssiU5GJBQyw,SumLQ~~60_57

Working Mum / Mum on the go

Whether Mum is working all day or constantly on the go, here are some ideas to make it a little bit more special each day.

Taking notes can seem less tedious when in a stylish book.

$_12 (4)
LC Designs Luxury Notebook Set

This luxury matching set is a fab gift and handy too! A small address book, perfect for any handbag, plus a stylish A5 notebook. These books are worthy of showing off and will be used daily!

$_12 (5)
Celia Birtwell A6 Notebbok

This Celia Birtwell Notebook is cute and small enough for any handbag. Designed for the Wild and Wolf collection, this book will be a hit with your busy mum, and it also has a handy ribbon so she’ll never lose a page!

Many more available at Branded Value!

Finally, as a treat for any Mum, we have a full range of Totes slippers, bath sets, Yankee Candles and more!

CAN0041 tart burner light gold ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? rhodes

For the full range, visit our ebay store! We will also have special offers closer to the day on our Facebook page!

I hope this has helped you gather some ideas. Do you have any you would like to share?

Thanks for reading!
BV x


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