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Quick and Easy Tips for Decorating your Garden – Lighting

Whether your garden or outdoor space is large or small, there are ways to decorate and perk it up this Spring so that you can enjoy it even more when the sun comes out!

There will be blog posts throughout March and April on small and large spaces, including balconies and patios.

For our first feature, we’re going to concentrate on lighting in the garden, as it is still a bit dark in the evenings and getting prepared for those late summer nights can never be a bad thing.

Here’s a quick trick for adding some colour and light to your garden for those who don’t have a spare moment!
If you have trees or bushes, use the branches to hang items such as lanterns or outdoor candle holders – they can be matching or multi-coloured for a fun display. Here are a couple of great examples from Gardman, who specialise in outdoor products.

honey pot

Honey pot tealight holder available in many colours. Great for parties!

And don’t forget about the birds! This cute apple bird feeder is aapple quirky update.

Lanterns also make the garden more appealing in the evenings, meaning if your barbecue runs later than expected, or you’ve been reading the evening away on the balcony or patio, you’ll be fine to spend a bit more time out there.

Solar lights are really useful and with modern designs, are no longer an eyesore.

Below you can see a stylish sandstone design that can be left outside to charge during the day and will come on at night.

The sunflower design is bright and cute, while the bubble stemmed lights add a funky edge to your garden. There are so many different styles available, you’re bound to find one you like!

$_12 (1)     $_12 (4)     $_12 (3)     $_12

Another way to use solar energy is with these colour changing lights. You can put them in a plant pot, or amongst gravel. They look great and will definitely be a conversation starter.

$_12 (5)

Fairy lights used to be awkward to use in gardens, but thanks to using solar energy and new designs, they’re not anymore! You can find solar lights HERE.

You could even get a bit creative – here’s a great example from


Of course, you can never have enough candles! A few different sized candles, jars and tealights will make a great display. However, make sure they are suitable for outdoor use, and be very careful while using them, keeping in mind the wind and position of them.

Mainstays have created gift packs that mix and match perfectly and can be used to easily create displays.

$_12 (7)

But with over 280 candles available in store, you’ll be spoilt for choice and able to create your own for a more personal touch.

Hit two problems at once with a garden firebowl. These are great for keeping warm and a little extra light – perfect for Spring weekends and evenings.


Do you have any other ideas or pictures of your own lighting displays? We’d love to see some homemade garden lighting ideas!


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