Quick and Easy Tips for Decorating your Garden – Plants + Planters

la trough

Plants can make a garden feel more homely, and increase the feeling of wellbeing.  In the same way you decorate your home to make yourself feel better about being there, you should make your garden your outdoor sanctuary.

For some this might mean a place to read on a sunny day, a better view from the window, or a place for children to play on the lawn. Either way, we’ve got you covered! This week, we’re focusing on ways to display your plants and flowers.

Even if you have a small space it is possible to have some plants or flowers that can brighten up your day.

Laura Ashley is a popular brand for the home, with pretty and unique items that bring the place together. The garden range certainly follows suit with some glamourous planters.
They look great planted with flowers and are sure to be a stand out piece in your garden/outdoor design.

la trough             silver pl

Gardman, giants of garden decor manufacturing, have a more classic design with their Blacksmith range of planters. The strong black will create a great contrast look for a garden that needs livening up. You would only need one of these to make a feature, or you could mix and match the many shapes available.

blacksmith curved               blacksmith
However, you don’t need a dedicated planter to add some life to your garden. You can always use quirky accessories instead, such as watering cans and wellies! They look great, are a good talking point and you will feel creative for using them! And the good news is, they fit in the smallest of spaces!


I think these ‘Tulips’ wellies would make a great plant pot and fit the theme, but they look so great on I’m not sure it’s an option!


In need of some inspiration?  In Wellington Road, Oxton, Wirral, the community got together and created a big display of recycled wellies as planters! What a great way to bring people together and celebrate the street! All types of plants and flowers were used, as shown below, and I think they all look great!


If you’re pushed for space, or have pets or children that you don’t want playing with your lovely plants, you can use wall baskets or hanging plant pots. They look great, add some decoration to  bare, boring walls and can create a great entrance to your home!

$_12 (1)     $_12

For those who have a little space on a windowsill or balcony, why not create your own little herb garden. Great for those who like to cook, and they create an amazing, fresh fragrance.
The best way is to plant some seedlings, so they’re ready to start growing! They’re take a bit of caring for, but if used regularly, should be fine.

Here is a fantastic example of how to use a small space:


My plan is to create a herb garden using these metal plant pots, with their own drip tray so nothing falls through the gaps of the balcony. Perfect for city dwellers, like us over here in Leeds!

$_12 (2)

Another great way to add a bit of green is to use a pole for climbing plants. You can train them to go up the side of the house, or create great displays in the garden. They’re also for certain vegetables that grow this way. For this, you would need pole support, or an obelisk.

$_12 (3)       $_12 (4)

Don’t forget to mark your plants!
These cute markers are a great way to identify which ones are which.


I’d love to hear and see how your garden is going, and the progress this spring! Do you have any tips for me before I get going with my little balcony garden? Have you done it yourself? I do have a grass garden too, but I’ll start small!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever seen used as a planter? Mine has to be a toilet bowl!

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