Product Showcase: Quattrogradi Unbreakable Glass

Now and then we come across a product that we have to shout about.

Do you have that one clumsy friend or family member that breaks every glass they use? There is a solution!

Quattrogradi have designed glasses using patented RDS Moulding Technology that are virtually unbreakable.

Of course, we had to put these to the test before selling any. They feel like plastic, but are made of polycarbonate making them shatterproof.

I have personally used one of these. I have mistreated it in all ways possible – except stand on it or run it over – in an attempt to prove otherwise, but I can honestly say that I am impressed, and think it is worthy of my butterfingered visitors.

These would be brilliant for parties, especially garden and barbecue get-togethers. They are much safer than having glass ones and can be dropped with no harm, except perhaps losing your favourite drink! They’re great for children too!

The designs are stylish, and look just like other, smash-able glasses, in a range of great colours. Here are a few we have in stock:


These are definitely a talking piece to impress your guests with too! I can’t help but show off mine and everybody likes to try and break it!

I wish I had known about these years ago. They are more pricey than some glasses, but would have saved me a lot in the long term!

Have you ever seen or used these? What did you think?


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