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It’s that time again! Festival time! Packing List Essentials.

Ticket…check! Wellies…check! Portable charger…what?

If you have ever been to a weekend festival, you know what it’s like to have your phone battery run out when you’re miles way from your tent and friends; the pain of finding a portaloo, but no toilet roll; the battle of trying to get to sleep amongst your peers who are still feeling hyped up from the bands.

If you haven’t been, this is what awaits.
Festivals are a fun, exciting, non stop party! And if you can handle a good 3 days of that, congratulations. For those of you used to your home comforts, here is a list of essentials and everything you’ll need to keep comfortable. Let me know if I’ve missed anything!


Money/Purse/Wallet/I.D./Tickets! You shouldn’t need telling, but it can be all too easy to leave something important behind.

Medication/ Contraception. If needed.

Wellies! Ones that are actually comfortable, but also stylish. A great patterned pair will see you through the weekend, and won’t look out of place no matter what you wear with them.


Sandals or flip flops. to quickly put on when running to the food van on site.
Reusable water bottle. You can fill this up for free around the sites. A flask is ideal, as you can use it for hot or cold drinks.


Tent and Sleeping Bag. These should be obvious, but don’t forget them! You’re in for an uncomfortable time if you do!

Chairs. You might want to bring a folding chair. While not really essential, you will appreciate being able to have a seat after all that walking and dancing and the ground can often get too messy to sit on.

Sun Protector. Cream or spray, make sure you bring plenty. Definitely bring a bottle, more if fair skinned. You’ll be outside from morning until late at night.
Hat. Very handy for protection from the sun and in the rain.

Torch. You will need this in your bag for the walk back to your tent, and for late night toilet trips.

Towel. This will be useful if it rains, to dry off your tent, etc. Plus when (if) you shower.
jac silver

Toilet Roll! Or packs of tissues if easier to carry around. You’ll feel so smug when everybody else is complaining that there isn’t any.

A warm jumper. It may get cold at night.

Poncho/Mac. A lightweight, but waterproof jacket is ideal to keep you from getting uncomfortably soaked. There is no warm shower and bed to get back to.
Small, zipped bag or rucksack. You will need a bag or pouch to carry around your money and phone, etc. This will likely get checked on your way in and out of the main stage sites so make sure it is easily accessible, and has a zip to prevent any pick=pocketing or items falling out.


Sunglasses. Protect your eyes! They’ll be subjected to lots of sun (hopefully!), bright, flashing lights, and help hide your hangover on day 2!



You may be limited when it comes to space and carrying methods, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo all comfort on this trip!

Portable phone charger. These are excellent for journeys as well as camping. They can charge your phone up once the battery is low. Especially great if you are using the phone as a camera.

Camera/Camcorder. If you want to keep your phone in use, it may be worth bringing a cheap digital camera or camcorder to record your favourite moments. This will save the battery life.

Earplugs. These will help you get a good night’s rest ready fort he next day of festival fun!

Re-usable earplugs that mould to your ear.
Re-usable earplugs that mould to your ear.

Neck Pillow/Rest. The comfort of one of these on your journey will make travelling to and from the festival much easier. Plus, if you’ll be headbanging at the festival, this is a great way to soothe the aches afterwards.

$_12 (4)

Cosy Blanket. Coming back to a nice fleece blanket will feel so luxurious after a day or hard dancing in the muddy fields. You can buy inexpensive ones if you don’t fancy taking the luxury one from your bedroom.

$_12 (2)

Dry Shampoo. You might have to pay for showers, or they may be far away. Plus there’s always a queue, so you might not get to them every day before the bands start. Dry shampoo is your best friend for gorgeous festival locks.Boys can use it too for a freshen up!

$_12 (1)

Baby Wipes. For cleaning your things (there can be too much mud!), a quick freshen up, wiping off make up. The possibilities are endless. You won’t regret bringing these.

Hand sanitiser. It is not likely there will be any in toilets.

Febreeze/Air Freshener. If you’re not keen on the smell of dirt, sweat, feet, this will come in handy! You can spray your tent a little in the morning and keep it fresh. Also, it can keep your clothes at least smelling fresh. You can get travel/car fresheners that would also work.

So, are you ready?! Which festival are you going to this year?

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