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Throwing a Garden Party! PLUS up to 25% off garden party goods!

It’s the time of year when everyone is excited and feeling good! What better time to have a party? PLUS, no messy house afterwards!

Whether a family gathering, a small group of friends, children’s party, or a full blown garden rave, there are some essentials! Luckily for you, we’re here to help!

Always ready for fun, at Branded Value, we have some great items for the summer days (and nights!) in the garden.



This Grosfillex folding table is plastic and perfect for spilled drinks, and – let’s face it Brits – the rain! As it folds away, it doesn’t need to live outside, and will easily fit in a shed or inside afterwards. It’s sturdy legs will take the odd knock from children or a clumsy party-goer. It’ll also brighten up the place against the grey patio, or all that lovely green.



Or just boring seats. It’s up to you! If they’re a little unsteady for the older guys, children will LOVE them! And anyone who hasn’t fully matured such as myself!
Outdoor bean bags are big, waterproof, strong, and the perfect way to lounge in the sun! And check out the Laura Ashley square ones. Stylish and fun!

$_12 $_12 (12)


Save yourself from taking a trip inside to top everyone up and keep your wine cool outside. Just pop the bottle in this insulated cooler by Emsa. We have a thing for bright colours! These have a soft touch outer, so not slippery for when the wine takes over!

$_57 (2)        $_12 (13)

Going on a picnic? One way to keep your bottle cool is with these Optima wine cool bags, plus they come with 2 cups that fit inside. They thought of everything.

$_57 (4)             $_57 (3)


Blankets are multi-use products at their best. Perfect for the garden, a picnic in the park, or the beach. Also handy for keeping in the car boot for when you find a perfect place to stop.  You can sit on them, wrap yourself and the children in them as it gets colder, or use them for your dog in the car after fun at the beach.
These Autocare travel rugs are perfect:

$_12 (14) $_12 (15) $_12 (16)


There’s paper plates, and cups, but they’re not quite as classy as these Quattrogradi glasses! The unbreakable glasses are perfect for adults and children. They can be dropped, banged, or hit against a wall. these things will survive any party and be there for the next!



It’s not a party without games. These Tenax large garden games are perfect to keep the children entertained while you fire up the barbecue or relax in the sun.

$_12 (18) $_12 (17) $_57 (5)


Just because it’s starting to get dark, it doesn’t mean things have to end. Simply make sure you’ve got some solar lights and outdoor candles to take the fun into the night! Tealights in outdoor holders look great, but you can use jar candles too.

$_12 (19)$_12 (20)$_12 (21)g-bird-her

Will you be having any garden parties this year? Share your tips below!

Also, just a little summer treat from us! Up to 25% off on some garden party goods!
Have a great summer!

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