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Click & Collect: Online shopping without the hassle?

Online shopping has revolutionised the way we purchase goods. No longer do we have to get into a busy town on the weekends, or run around shops desperately looking for that one thing we need. It’s all at our fingertips. We can watch television and sit around in pyjamas while shopping for Christmas gifts, get items delivered the next day, and even get items sent to our friends and family without having to visit the Post Office. In the age of ‘want-it-now’ consumers, technology has played a big part in our shopping habits.

However, as with any experience, it is not without its problems. According to customer feedback, the main issue with online shopping is the delivery aspect.

Have you ever sat in all day waiting for a parcel that didn’t arrive? Or ordered something to your home address only to have a ‘missed delivery’ card through the letterbox? What about when a parcel has been signed for, but you have no idea who signed?

Some couriers leave parcels with neighbours, or in ‘safe’ places (example below!).


Some take the parcel back to the depot, but you may have no means of getting it from there as they are often in areas out of town. Sometimes, you try to contact the company and rearrange delivery, but cannot get through or experience other difficulties.

These delivery disasters only serve to put us off an otherwise convenient service.

Before you think I’m blaming the couriers, I’m not. While some may not seem to take the role seriously, there is a high demand on workers all year round and especially at peak season. Is it any wonder some items don’t make it on time? Or get left in hope the buyer will receive it? Also, for the people working and ordering online, how can you get your parcels when the couriers work the same hours? Not everyone has the option to have items delivered to their workplace.

Following major chain stores, eBay has recently introduced Click & Collect on a high percentage of items online. Teaming up with Argos and courier companies, there is hope that this will increase confidence in online shopping and reduce the number of missed deliveries.

Buyers can purchase on eBay as usual, but there will be an extra option in the postage choices that will enable the buyer to choose Click & Collect.
Once chosen, a unique code and the chosen Argos address will be printed via eBay and placed on the parcel by the seller.
The buyer must take the code to Argos in order to pick up their item when told it is available.
It works just like Argos’ current reservation system for its own products.
This means the buyer can pick up their parcel at a more convenient time.

It is available for use with all couriers, but it is worth checking which options you have chosen for your postage choices.
Items will only qualify when free postage is stated.


7 working days to pick up parcel once notified that it is available. This is longer than some UK couriers at the moment and gives the buyer a chance to pick up their parcel.

Choose your own time and day for picking up.

Less communication in order to arrange your delivery.

No more waiting in for parcels or arranging your day around deliveries.

THE BAD NEWS? You may end up waiting in a queue for your goods once everyone catches on to this great idea!

We’ve signed up our eBay store and hope it will help both our customers and ourselves when it comes to chasing up deliveries.

As always, I’d love to hear your stories, delivery nightmares, plus click and collect successes! Just stick it in the comments!

For more reasons to shop online, see my previous post HERE.


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