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Woman owes MAC cosmetics almost $1 million

Never worry about asking the seller about the authenticity of a product. Genuine sellers will not be offended and will understand the concern.

As a seller of genuine branded goods, one of the main questions we get is ‘Is this real (brand name)?’ and I never blame the customer. They put their trust in us, so it is sad that people can take advantage of this.

The article is short and worth a read.

Atlanta Shopping with Nedra Rhone

How did a 45-year-old New Port Richey, Fla. woman come to owe one of the largest cosmetics brands nearly a million dollars? Not by being a devoted fan.

Last week, a federal judge sentenced Tina Oleszczuk to 18 months in federal prison for selling fake MAC makeup online. She also has to pay MAC $961,744.75 since she used the brand name to make more than a million dollars.


For two years, through an online company called Cozmetic Delights that she ran out of her home, the woman made a mint off of MAC.

Which maybe wouldn’t have been so bad if the stuff was real, but Oleszcsuk was buying fake product in bulk from China and selling it at inflated prices to unsuspecting consumers via e-Bay. She also sold products directly to wholesale consumers.

Needless to say, this is good lesson in the importance of shopping legit retail sources. We all love…

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