Alternatives to Yankee Candles

Being a seller of candles certainly has its advantages when it comes to trying new candle scents and brands. Already a big fan of scented candles, I make it my duty to try them all out. For work reasons, obviously…

Yankee Candle is the leading brand of scented candle, with it’s pretty jars and meticulously chosen fragrances. However, they can be a little pricey, especially if you use them a lot. Here, I take a look at a couple of the other brands available.


Candle-lite has a huge range of scented candles, many in the same styles as Yankee Candles. They also do their own accessories.

Candle-lite jars come in all colours and scents, and have a strong scent throughout use. You can use the lids to put out the flame, meaning no smoke when you’ve finished using them. The ones in the picture below are the Willow Lane range and has some fantastic scents, such as Fresh Papaya and Guava.
These are only 2 for £12.50, whereas Yankee Candles of this size can be over £20 each. Bargain!

$_12 (32)

All of the Candle-lite candles have a strong scent. The designs on the candles are stand out and look great. With long burn times, and cute designs, these candles make great gifts as well as treats for your own home.

       $_12 (2)$_12 (9)$_12 (24)  tealights-apple (2)

My personal favourite Candle-lite candles are the Simply Fresh range. They have subtle fragrances, and are stylish and minimalistic, looking great in any room in the house due to their white colouring.


The 3 wick candles look and smell great too!



Mainstays have more standard scents. They last ages and create perfect ambience for evenings in. they can be used outside too!

$_12 (1)

From 3 oz to 20 oz jars, these are perfect for any spot in the house. You can also make great displays with the matching sets, as shown below, and the whole set is only £15! A cheap brand with the same qualities as much more expensive candles.


Ever tried flameless?

If you like the idea of falling asleep to candle light, or don’t want anything scented, you could always try these flameless candles. They’re made with real wax and look great! Perfect for those with children or pets. You can even ‘blow them out’. A sensor turns them on and off by either blowing them or clapping near them. They’re perfect for a safe and cosy evening.


What other brands do you like? Feel free to link to any reviews you have, even for our old faithfuls, Yankee Candles.


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