10 Things to Plant in Autumn

The weather is cooling and the leaves are turning brown. Autumn is here, and you’re probably wondering how summer managed to come and go so fast.

With garden parties, barbecues, children playing, and the summer holidays taking up your time, the gardening may have taken a back seat, but that doesn’t mean you’re too late.

Autumn is the perfect time for planting some seeds, as while the weather is cool, the ground is still warm enough for root development. Some plants can be dormant for the winter months and give you a lovely surprise in spring.

Here are 10 things you can plant right now (September-October):

1. Spring Bulbs.
All spring blooming bulbs need a period of cold dormancy to bloom, so planting them in Autumn will ensure they have this and can produce a beautiful display come spring.

download (1)

2. Onions and Shallots
Onions, spring onions and shallots are popular in most households, so why not try growing your own? With such a variety available, you can experiment with different types and add them to great salads and spring dishes.


3. Lambs Lettuce and other winter salads.
Another one for the salads, this does not need high temperatures or light levels to grow. This can be picked until December and can be used for bulking out winter salads.


4. Garlic.
Easy to grow, but cannot be harvested until summer,. It will be worth the wait though!


5. Asparagus.
This one will require patience as it can take 2 or more years until these are ready to be harvested. However, having asparagus grown from your very own garden will be fantastic for adding to special dinners.


6. Beets.
This is a great  long season crop. In order to retain the frost, these must be planted deep. They can be used within a couple of months usually.


7. Peas.
Sow now for a late spring crop. Perfect home grown peas! And don’t forget the shoots can be used in stir fry and other dishes too.


8. Spinach.
Popular in salads and as a vegetable, Popeye’s favourite is a ‘cut and come again’ vegetable that’s full of healthy vitamins, so you can eat it all winter and right into the summer.

9. Kale.
Kale loves the frost, and can be harvested in Winter to get it at its best.

download (2)

10. Carrots.
This popular vegetable can withstand the colder weather, but will also thrive in the heat. It can be sown from November to July depending on how and where it is grown.


To keep your plants away from pests and help protect them when it gets icy, you can plant these in a greenhouse, or use propagation tools such as a cloche to protect them.

More propagation tools at low prices HERE.

You can also check out our big list of gardening tips HERE.

What do you like to plant in Autumn?


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