Stocking Fillers under £10

Everyone loves stocking fillers! Small, usually inexpensive gifts that bulk out your bigger gifts are great fun and add to the excitement of unwrapping loads of presents on Christmas Day!


You may think people get fed up of the standard stocking filler ideas: socks, toiletries, etc. But you can never have enough of these and neither can anyone else!

Here are some ideas for your stocking filler shopping this Christmas, all for under £10!

PHOTO FRAMES – even better if filled!

This cute frame is great for children, but we have plenty more! Some may not consider these stocking fillers, but at such low prices, they can be!

photo frame.JPG



There is nothing like a cup of tea or coffee in a new mug on Christmas Day! Well, if you’re anything like me!

With a selection of mugs for all the family, you’re bound to find one you like.


Why not take a look at our coasters too!

$_12 (3).JPG


For the older ones, you can’t go wrong with some candles, especially Christmas scented ones!


Flameless candles are a great option for the teen that likes moody lighting, but can’t be trusted not to fall asleep with a candle burning!

$_12 (6)


A great gift for the budding writer, or somebody who needs constant to-do lists! Notebooks are used every day by most people, so they can never have too many.




This is great for little ones who get up too early. It will give them something to play with until it’s a decent hour to get up.

We have a large range of small games and card games available, featuring their favourite characters!

But come on, we’re not really going to leave the classics out are we?

With famous-for-Christmas-stockings Totes slipper socks and slippers, bath sets and cute Christmas gifts, we really do have plenty to fill those stockings!



I hope this gives you some quick ideas for stocking fillers, all available at Branded Value.

We take pride in offering high quality items from great brands for the LOWEST prices online! So check out what we have to offer, before it all goes!



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