Gift Guide for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls can be especially difficult to buy for. With the constant changes in style, music preference and ideas of what’s ‘in’, it can be challenging to find the perfect Christmas gift.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few gifts that you can’t go wrong with.


Shabby chic bedroom accessories are here to stay and with an ever-growing collection of jewellery, teens could do with somewhere to display and store their Christmas sparkle.



For travelling, toiletries, make up and more. These bags will always come in handy.

$_12 (18).JPG


For the younger teens (or the ones you don’t trust with open flames in their bedrooms!), these flameless candles are brilliant. Giving the effect of actual candlelight, and real wax outer, makes them a great gift. They are also great for people with pets and young children.

$_12 (6)

These reed diffusers are another great, safe way to fragrance the room.



Teenagers are often studying or have a head full of ideas, so this great stationery is the perfect way to get the creativity flowing.




Teenagers are known for being constantly on the phone. Make their battery last longer with these portable chargers  – the handiest gift you can give!

These gadget cases will protect their goods as well as make them look even more stylish!



From mirrors (show me a teenage girl that doesn’t use a mirror often!) to lamps, with a range from Playboy, Junction 18 and more, we have plenty to offer to add a bit of decor to a teens bedroom.



The perfect catch all gift is toiletries, and with celebrity perfumes and ranges including Ted Baker, you’ll be able to find a suitable gift for any teenage girl.


What do you think of these ideas? Have they helped you at all?


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