About Branded Value

Happy New Year!

We’d like to wish all of our followers and fans a great, big, happy New Year!

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This year, we plan on expanding and having even better offers available to you!

We have a new website at www.brandedvalue.co.uk where we will have special offers, loyalty deals and flash sales.

You will be able to get loads of branded goods at bargain prices, just like before, but this time we will have more! We often run out of stock due to our amazing deals, so we’re going to be adding bigger quantities. However, it will still be limited stock, and once it’s gone, it’s really gone!

We are also going to make better use of social media where you will be able to find more frequent giveaways, and exclusive deals.

Follow our blog by signing up on the right for all the latest news.
Our Facebook and Twitter pages have stock updates so you don’t miss out and we have a newsletter you can sign up for on the website!

What would you like to see from Branded Value this year?

Tina – BV


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