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5 AffordableWays to Beat The January Blues

We know this month comes as a bit of a shock after the excitement of Christmas, seeing in the New Year, loads of shopping, family time and holidays!

January is the month people beat themselves up about December’s gluttony. The month of bad weather, with nothing to look forward to. The month your home looks bare because it no longer has Christmas decorations sparkling up the place.

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But enough of that!

People talk about planning holidays and new hobbies and gym memberships, but quite often, most of your money was spent on Christmas and now you’re waiting on payday.

Here are 5 (cheap) ways to beat those January Blues:

1. Plan an evening with friends

The weeks pass fast, but after the busy schedule most people have before Christmas, they can feel really slow.  A cheap night in of catching up or a movie night with a few snacks and drinks can be just as fun as going out when with the right people.

2. Do something new.

Why not jump out of your comfort zone and try something completely new. It doesn’t have to be an extreme sport, it could be something as simple as trying to cook new dishes or reading a book you’ve been meaning to get around to.

3. Cosy days and nights.

The weather gives us the perfect excuse for lazy nights, and even days if we have the chance. Big blanket, fluffy slippers, hot water bottles and your favourite TV series should help you feel better about the darkness and rain!

These Intelex plush toys and slippers are perfect for these times, they heat up in the microwave in just one minute, are safer than hot water bottles for children and are really cute for adults and children alike. And they’re currently only £5 each!

4. Have a clear out.

Everyone’s favourite thing to talk about, and least favourite thing to do!
Be ruthless. Get rid of anything you don’t use or wear. It won’t come in handy another day!

5. Start getting fitter or healthier.

Yes, I know, standard boring January advice. But you don’t have to become a full time gym bunny on a tasteless diet. Imagine how much better you would feel if you began just a tiny bit of health improvement. Give up the can of fizzy drink a day. Cut down on alcohol or cigarettes. Do 15 minutes of exercise for free in the home using YouTube videos.

What are your plans for January? Have you made any changes or resolutions?








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