Special Occasions

Make Valentine’s Day Special on a Budget.

Not everyone has the budget they’d like for Valentine’s Day. So, maybe this year, you can get a bit creative for the occasion.

Whether your relationship is old or new, long distance or full of family, you can make your loved one feel celebrated.


1. Cook a special meal for your partner.
Have children? Get the family involved, get them to help set the table and make it a special occasion for everyone.

The BBC Good Food website has some great ideas for each part of the dinner, but you can Google almost any recipe to find something you both like.

Baking in a heart shaped tin is a novel idea, and the ingredients for cakes can be found at really low prices in most supermarkets.

2. Candles, candles , candles!
You cannot go wrong with candles to create a nice mood. Bath with candles, dinner with candles….cheap, but nice.
Want some fancy or scented candles? We have over 300 candle items in the Branded Value range at the lowest prices available online!

$_12 (24)
Candle-lite candles have great fragrance in so many scents!

3. Find their favourite film or book.
Does your partner have a favourite childhood story? Or a film that they no longer own? The internet has made rare gifts much easier to find. Spend a few hours browsing the internet, find that special gift and spend the night watching their favourite film with them, or cooking for them while they relax with their book.

4. Pamper your partner – male or female.
A pamper evening is a great way to show someone you care, but you don’t have to send them to an expensive spa – you can create your own at home!
Run a bath, get some face masks, and relax together. You could even give them a massage. You don’t need fancy oils, you can just use products such as body lotion that you already have.

ted baker set
Create a relaxing spa for your partner.

5. Fill a picture frame or photo album of your favourite pictures.
Putting great memories all in one place is a special way to celebrate your time together so far. Photo albums can be brought out and added to each year.
Or, simply get a nice photo frame and put your favourite photo together in it so that it can be displayed as a reminder of your day.

6. Do a job they dislike.
Simple as this sounds, just taking away one job that your partner hates will make their day! Wash the car, clean the bathroom, anything that will make them feel they’re getting a break. You can even get creative and make coupons for future jobs!

7. Scavenger Hunt.
This is a fun idea and a great way to give your partner a few smaller gifts. You can make up clues and hide small gifts around the house or in the garden. Or you could go further afield!
Here are some great small gifts for your partner:

Will you be trying any of these ideas? Do you have any more to add? We’d love to hear what your plans are!


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