Bring your home into Spring

Want to freshen up your home decor now that Spring is in the air? Over the comfy throws, winter scents and dark, cosy colours?

When it gets a bit lighter outside, it’s nice to update the home a little and bring that fresh, airy feeling inside too!

Ristorante (2).jpg

1. Spring Flowers

Spring flowers with bright or pastel colours go a long way to brighten up a room. Fresh daffodils are inexpensive and look great in a clear vase to really show off the bright colours.


2. Fresh scents.

Light, airy scents are an easy way to freshen up the home. Try adding a few light coloured candles around the home, with fresh and fruity scents. A plug in is a great idea to keep the home smelling fresh throughout the day.


3. Bring the outdoors in.

You might not live close to the beach, or have a big garden, but you can add some little touches to bring your home closer to nature.
Some beach style accessories, beach and garden scents or snippings from plants in a small vase can add to the Spring theme.

4. Add some light colours.

Some lighter soft furnishings, such as a pastel coloured throw can instantly update a room and bring it into Spring.

5. Floral Tableware & Decor.

Floral patterns are a spring staple. Adding small pieces to the home can really make a difference.


Are you planning on updating your home a little to brighten it up for Spring/Summer?
Let me know what you think of these ideas in the comments and please add any of your own.





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