One Big List of Gardening Tips!

It’s that time of year again where you start thinking about your garden plans. Last year, we ran a competition to get some great tips from gardeners, and the results were fantastic! With so many tips to share, I created a big list full of tips for safety, design, pests and more! Worth a read… Continue reading One Big List of Gardening Tips!

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10 Ways to Re-use Candle Jars

Instead of throwing away all of those great candle jars when you’ve finished with your candles, why not re-purpose them into a thoughtful gift or piece of home decor? Before trying these ideas, here are a few tips: To remove the label,  soak in hot soapy water for a few minutes and peel off the label.… Continue reading 10 Ways to Re-use Candle Jars

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How To Make Perfect Pancakes – Shrove Tuesday.

Our favourite Tuesday of the year! They’re cheap, cheerful and tasty! Here’s a quick guide on how to make easy, yummy pancakes!

Special Occasions

Make Valentine’s Day Special on a Budget.

Not everyone has the budget they’d like for Valentine’s Day. So, maybe this year, you can get a bit creative for the occasion. Whether your relationship is old or new, long distance or full of family, you can make your loved one feel celebrated.

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5 AffordableWays to Beat The January Blues

We know this month comes as a bit of a shock after the excitement of Christmas, seeing in the New Year, loads of shopping, family time and holidays! January is the month people beat themselves up about December’s gluttony. The month of bad weather, with nothing to look forward to. The month your home looks… Continue reading 5 AffordableWays to Beat The January Blues

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Happy New Year!

We’d like to wish all of our followers and fans a great, big, happy New Year! This year, we plan on expanding and having even better offers available to you! We have a new website at where we will have special offers, loyalty deals and flash sales. You will be able to get loads… Continue reading Happy New Year!


Gifts for Mum this Christmas.

The woman who nurtured you throughout your life – not too much pressure for a great gift! Feel like you’ve already bought your mum everything over the years? We’re here to help! Luckily, most Mums I know are happy to just have a little relaxation, so pampering products are the perfect go-to gift, but we’ll… Continue reading Gifts for Mum this Christmas.